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10 Putting Tips from Renowned Coaches: Mastering the Green

Putting is often described as the most crucial part of golf, as it can make or break your score and we have 10 putting tips from renowned coaches. To help you improve your putting game, we’ve gathered insights from some of the best putting and short game teachers in the business. These experts have coached top professionals and amateurs alike, and their tips can help you sink more putts and lower your scores. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer looking to fine-tune your skills, these putting 1 putting tips from renowned coaches are sure to improve your game.

10 Putting Tips from Renowned Coaches
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10 Putting Tips from Renowned Coaches

1. Proper Alignment – Dave Pelz One of the key fundamentals of putting is proper alignment. According to top putting coach Dave Pelz, aligning your body, putter, and target line is crucial for accuracy. To ensure proper alignment, stand behind the ball and visualize the intended line. Then, set your putter face perpendicular to the target line and align your body parallel to it.

2. Smooth Stroke – Phil Kenyon A smooth and consistent stroke is essential for accurate putting. Renowned coach Phil Kenyon emphasizes the importance of a pendulum-like motion, where the putter swings back and through in a smooth arc. Avoid jerky or rushed movements, as they can lead to inconsistency in your stroke.

3. Distance Control – Stan Utley Controlling the distance of your putts is key to avoiding three-putts and lowering your scores. Top putting coach Stan Utley suggests practicing distance control by hitting putts of varying lengths and focusing on the speed of your stroke. Develop a feel for different distances and greens speeds to become a more effective putter.

4. Read the Green – David Orr Reading the green is a skill that can significantly improve your putting performance. Top short game coach David Orr recommends studying the slope, grain, and speed of the green to determine the break and pace of your putts. Pay close attention to how the ball reacts to the green to make more accurate reads.

5. Consistent Setup – Marius Filmalter A consistent setup is essential for a reliable putting stroke. Renowned coach Marius Filmalter advises keeping your posture consistent from putt to putt, with your eyes directly over the ball and your hands positioned comfortably on the grip. This setup promotes a consistent stroke and helps you strike the ball cleanly.

6. Focus on the Target – Mike Shannon Maintaining focus on your target can improve your putting accuracy. Top coach Mike Shannon suggests visualizing the ball rolling into the hole before you putt and keeping your eyes on the target throughout your stroke. This mental focus can help you commit to your line and hole more putts.

7. Practice with Purpose – James Sieckmann Effective practice is key to improving your putting. Top coach James Sieckmann recommends practicing with a specific purpose, such as working on alignment, stroke mechanics, or distance control. Structured practice sessions can help you identify and improve your weaknesses.

8. Use the Right Equipment – Paul Hurrion Having the right putter can make a significant difference in your putting performance. Renowned coach Paul Hurrion advises getting fitted for a putter that suits your stroke and preferences. Experiment with different putters and grips to find the one that feels most comfortable and helps you hole more putts.

9. Stay Relaxed – Pat O’Brien Tension in your body can negatively affect your putting stroke. Top coach Pat O’Brien suggests staying relaxed throughout your stroke, with a light grip pressure and smooth, controlled movements. Relaxing your muscles can help you make a more fluid and consistent stroke.

10. Stay Positive – Stan Utley Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial for success on the greens. Renowned coach Stan Utley emphasizes the importance of staying confident and focused, even after a missed putt. Use missed putts as learning opportunities and stay positive and patient with yourself.

Conclusion: Improving your putting game takes practice, patience, and the right guidance. By following these tips from some of the best putting and short game teachers, you can enhance your skills and lower your scores on the greens. Remember to focus on proper alignment, smooth stroke, and distance control, and stay positive and relaxed throughout your putting stroke. With dedication and practice, you can become a more effective putter and enjoy greater success on the golf course.


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