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Solar Panel Shielded Power Lines

The United States of America is dependent on fossil fuels from foreign sources and needs to develop methods of become self-reliant in the production of its energy. Solar energy, in the past, has been too costly to be an efficient source of energy. Through new technology, it is rapidly becoming cheaper and may soon become a reliable source of energy.
If developed, there may be an immense untapped source of solar energy sprawling across our nation. There is a wide network of power lines that crisscross our nation. There is also new technology that has transformed solar panels into thin flexible sheets. If the existing infrastructure could be fitted with solar panel shielded wiring, we may lower our dependency on foreign oil.
Although there are many renewable resources available, the one certainty is as long there is sunshine, there is solar power to be generated. A nationwide grid of free power generation is only one implementation away. The solar panel shielded wire needs to be developed and funded by the United States Government.