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Intellectual Property in CIT

Intellectual Property in CIT, Computer Information Technologies Intellectual property in the information technology field is a subject in constant debate. Intellectual property as it relates to the IT field is defined by A Dictionary of Computing at Oxford Reference as, “A term that is increasingly difficult to define. It combines…

Intellectual Property Enforcement

Intellectual Property Enforcement Legislation Heads to President The “PRO IP Act,” as explained by David Sohn’s article, Intellectual Property Enforcement Legislation Heads to President, “represents an improvement over prior versions of I.P. enforcement legislation, but CDT still has some concerns about how certain provisions could play out in practice.” (more…)

1998, I Remember It

1998 Some people remember moments from 1998. Some people remember songs from 1998. Some people remember fashion from 1998. Some people remember movies from 1998. Whatever your trigger is, 1998 was a memorable year. [caption id="attachment_114549" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 1998[/caption] There was the Clinton Sex Scandal. Who knew a dirty blue…

Travel Photography in NYC

Travel Photography in NYC A Snippet from Travel Photography in NYC I took the the F train from Queens into the belly of Roosevelt Island. Roosevelt Island is a narrow island that sits in the East River between Manhattan and Queens... See more photos and the rest of the article…
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